All In a Day’s Work: Solving Real-Life, Real Estate Problems for Our Clients

Case Study: Affording a dream home on a budget

Problem: Our clients’ must-have list read like this: new construction, four bedrooms, a wow-worthy kitchen, a barn (to function as an entertainment hub), and a large lot — quite a challenge considering they were looking in the $750,000 range and didn’t want to be too far from Boston.  

Solution: Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are dream homes on a budget. We were upfront with our clients that it was unlikely they’d get everything on their list, but that we would strive to get as close as possible. We found a home in Wayland that had some of what they were looking for, but it was only a three-bedroom. We identified a first-floor room that could be used as a fourth bedroom, but unfortunately, the septic system couldn’t accommodate an additional bedroom. We had an idea. The existing septic system had failed and the owners were obliged to put in a new one. I counseled my clients to offer $649,000 — contingent on the owners installing a four-bedroom septic system. Their offer was accepted.

Once the septic system is installed, the value of the home will immediately jump by approximately $30,000 because it will be a four-bedroom. (By the way, the home is surrounded by others in the million dollar range, a good thing!) Our clients plan to build a closet in the fourth bedroom and a bathroom to create a guest suite for the wife’s dad. And by paying less than they budgeted for the home, they now can afford a kitchen re-do. They’re also researching how to move a barn — an old one they plan to restore — onto their property. They’ll soon have the home they dreamed about.  

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