Expanding Possibilities By Widening the Geographical Net

Problem: These first-time home buyers wanted to move out of Boston and into a single-family with plenty of indoor and outdoor space for their family of four. They were on a limited budget and hoped to find a fixer-upper that the wife’s brother could renovate. They had their sights set on one South Shore town, but were outbid every time by developers offering cash, who were going to rehab the properties and flip them.

Solution: When price is an issue, one of our jobs is to help our clients widen their house-hunting net, in order to give them more options. Although our clients were focusing on Braintree, we introduced them to several lovely towns a bit further south where I knew they could get more bang for their buck. Additionally, I asked them how realistic it was to assume their relative could do a major renovation on a fixer-upper. Working full-time, he would have to do most of the work on the weekends, and it could take years for him to complete the job. They agreed it would be preferable to buy a home that would not require any major work.

Result: They had their bid accepted on a lovely four-bedroom, two-bathroom Cape in a town about 30 miles south of Boston — a doable commute for the wife, who works in the city. It’s on a corner lot, so there is plenty of room for the couple’s young children to play. Additionally, the home’s side street boasts high-end homes so I suggested the couple investigate whether they could legally reorient their home with a curb cut to face that street. This would increase the market value of their home.

All in a Day’s Work: Solving Real-Life, Real Estate Problems for our Clients is a regular feature brought to you by Marie Presti of The Presti Group. Our agents specialize in luxury homes, rehabilitations, multi-families and condominiums in urban, suburban and exurban areas throughout the Greater Boston area. Marie Presti is a Certified Negotiation Expert. Reach out at to find out how "We go the extra block.”

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