Vacation in Your 2nd Home

Visit the Cape or Maine and actually own that house you've dreamed of buying. In this class you'll learn all about the pros and cons of owning a second home—from the work involved, to the tax considerations and the benefits. We'll discuss what to consider when making your purchase, and how to choose your long-term vacation location. Our instructor will share recent market data on several New England areas where second homes are popular: New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Cape Cod, and the Islands. When you finish this class, you'll be several steps closer to making that dream of yours a reality.

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"Great for someone that want a vacation home and do it right the 1st time” -B.S.

"Marie and Deb were incredibly knowledgeable! They provided very valuable information to those thinking about this fun, happy but also complex and intimidating project” -S.B., Milton, Ma

"Very thoughtful presentation by knowledgeable presenters, very good information about mortgages and tax implications and things to consider” -K.M., Newton, Ma

Becoming a Real Estate Agent: Do you Have What it Takes?

If you're looking for a new career and have always dreamed of selling (or helping people buy) homes, this course is for you. "Becoming a Real Estate Agent," from Newton Community Education, will help attendees learn if they have what it takes to navigate the competitive world of real estate. Massachusetts licensing requirements, how to select a firm you want to work for and other practical matters will be addressed. Instructor Marie Presti is an award-winning industry veteran with nearly 20 years of experience in the Greater Boston market. So she knows a thing or two!

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"The becoming a Realtor class was wonderful and extremely informative. It really showcased a day in the life of a real estate person." -M.B., Greater Boston

"Marie's tips and advice for becoming a successful real estate agent were extremely helpful." -K.M., Everett

Downsizing made easy

Whether you plan to age in place or are thinking about moving, this presentation will cover tips for scaling down possessions and provide information on available housing options, from qualified elder housing, to living on college campuses. Educator and Realtor Marie Presti, a Seniors Residential Specialist, will discuss the nuts and bolts of downsizing (or right sizing, as she likes to call it). She will also address financing, from home equity lines of credit to the pros and cons of reverse mortgages. Marie Presti was the 2017 President of the Greater Boston Association of Realtors and has taught more than100 real estate related courses.

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"Marie's class was a great information session for anyone over 50 who is wondering what it means to downsize." -Nicholas, Wellesley

A First-Timer's Guide to Home or Condo Buying

In today’s real estate market, it’s more important than ever to be knowledgeable before purchasing a home or condo. Get an overview of the entire process, from finding the perfect neighborhood and selecting a real estate broker, to obtaining favorable financing and hiring an attorney to protect your investment. During this course, veteran real estate practitioner and educator Marie Presti will teach students about how the rights and responsibilities of condo owners differ from those of homeowners, and review the primary legal documents related to each. This course’s unbiased, comprehensive approach can help you avoid disastrous situations from the loss of your hard-earned deposit to buying a property with latent defects such as termites, lead paint, or water damage.

Class will be on February 9th, 2022, 6:00-9pm, and will be held at Newton North Highschool hosted through Newton Community Education. 

"Great holistic overview of homebuying process – provides all the basics you need to feel confident in getting started to look for a home." - Kayla M., Feb 11th, 2020, Waltham MA

"Having real estate, finance, insurance, law experts was invaluable. They each brought up things that I would not have thought of." - James D. & Kate T., Feb 11th, 2020, Watertown MA

"Clear concise review of home buying process. Presenters shared a wealth of knowledge that was thorough without being completely overwhelming. A great start for us to work towards buying a home!" -Meira K. & Josh P., Feb 11th, 2020, Brighton MA

"The course on first-time home buying was exactly what I needed to get my bearings on what feels like an overwhelming process. Fantastic!" -M.E., Cambridge

"The first-time homebuyer's class is an entertaining and informative introduction to the world of home-buying!" -Nathaniel L., Greater Boston

"Marie seriously knows her stuff, and she is clear believer in helping her clients." -Lindsay C., Greater Boston

"Marie and her co-presenters were exceptional in their fields and made themselves accessible but not in a pushy way, which makes me more inclined to reach out to them as I start my home buying process. Thanks to Marie for getting my wheels turning with all the great info!" -Kara T., Greater Boston

Buying and Managing Rental Properties

Award-winning Realtor and Newton property owner Marie Presti will show students the ropes for buying an investment property. She'll review how to analyze and compare properties, and discuss if hiring a property manager makes sense. A landlord's rights and responsibilities will also be reviewed and whether or not they should live on the premises or be off-site. If you're wary of the stock market and want to invest in real estate, this class is for you.

Class will be on April 4th, 2022, 6:00-9pm, and will be held at Newton North High school hosted through Newton Community Education. 

"Marie leads an information-packed class. It builds a foundation and has you wanting to come back and dive deeper into the world of rental properties." -S.G., Greater Boston

Sell Your Home in a HOT Market!

Is your house ready to sell? Hit the market while it's hot; time is of the essence! Receive timely advice from an award-winning realtor who will discuss real estate trends and what you need to know to obtain a top-dollar offer on your home or condo. Our expert realtor will share a market analysis covering recent shifts in the market that have affected buyers and sellers. You'll learn what these shifts mean for you, along with budget-friendly improvements that will help you sell. If you want to join the seller's market, now is the time—join us to learn best practices for preparing your home for sale in this fast-paced, competitive market.

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1031 Exchanges

Are you thinking about selling a piece of land, investment property, or single or multi-family home that you rent, but nervous about the taxes you'd owe? With a 1031 exchange, you can swap one investment property for another and defer capital gains taxes. This class explains the what, how, and why of the 1031 exchange through the entire process. You don't want to make less than you deserve from your assets, or worse, make a sale that will hurt you financially in the long term. It may feel like you need a professional to help, but you can do it yourself with the right coaching! Get a step-by-step guide with individual advice on how to divest your real estate assets in the way that makes the most sense for your finances from Marie Presti, an award-winning broker with nearly 20 years of experience in buying and selling property. 

The next class will be held March 9h from 6-8pm at Newton North Highschool. Please visit NCE to sign up for the class or contact us directly.