Posted by Marie Presti on 6/25/2017

Are you beginning your house hunt as a first-time homebuyer or looking to buy a larger home that fits the needs of your family? No matter your situation, purchasing a home is a large investment and one that should be approached with caution and the use of your head, not your heart. There are multiple types of homes that one can purchase: condo, duplex, multi-family, single-family, etc. And one of those types will be the right fit for you. Let’s take a look at the pros of purchasing and owning a single-family home. Space: Single-family homes provide more space­—more outdoor space, more indoor space, and more parking space. Of course, there are exceptions, but generally this is the case for single-family homes. Take advantage of this luxury of more space by entertaining and fully utilizing it all. Since apartments and condos are usually in complexes, personal space can be minimal, where shared space is generally larger. Decks and backyards (if any at all) are small so that each renter or homeowner has their own space. This also goes for the inside; square footage will be less in the types of properties listed above, especially if they are located in a city. Privacy: Privacy is extremely important to many, and for good reason. With a single-family home you will have much more privacy than when owning other types of homes. Condos and duplexes share walls with other owners’ properties, which means your neighbors are always close by. You may hear them through the walls or be enjoying your separate deck spaces just feet apart. It may not sound like it’s all that terrible, but you never know who your neighbor will be; they could throw parties every night, vacuum at 4 am, or even have triplets that never stop crying. No restrictions: Unless you are purchasing a historical home, there are likely no property restrictions. A single-family home gives you the opportunity to completely turn it into your own and do just about whatever you want on your land (check with your town before renovating/building additions). Condos can have multiple restrictions that include parking, outdoor work, and BBQs. If the pros above sound like what you are interested in, then a single-family home may be the option for you. But be sure to research the market you are looking in to make sure that you can afford this type of home. If you are looking in a very desirable location with a smaller budget then this option may not work for you at this time. But fear not, continue saving and in the future you will be able to purchase that single-family home you’ve been dreaming of.

Posted by Marie Presti on 11/3/2015

All In a Day’s Work: Solving Real-Life, Real Estate Problems for Our Clients Problem: Our clients’ must-have-list read like this: new construction, four bedrooms, a wow-worthy kitchen, a barn (to function as an entertainment hub), and a large lot — quite a challenge considering they were looking in the $750,000 range and didn’t want to be too far from Boston. Solution: Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are dream homes on a budget. We were upfront with our clients that it was unlikely they’d get everything on their list, but that we would strive to get as close as possible.  We found a home in Wayland that had some of what they were looking for, but it was only a three-bedroom. We identified a first-floor room that could be used as a fourth bedroom, but unfortunately, the septic system couldn’t accommodate an additional bedroom. We had an idea. The existing septic system had failed and the owners were obliged to put in a new one.  We counseled our clients to make an offer contingent on the owners installing a four-bedroom septic system. Their offer was accepted. Once the septic system is installed, the value of the home will immediately jump by approximately $30,000 because it will be a four-bedroom. (By the way, the home is surrounded by others in the million dollar range, a good thing! ) Our clients plan to build a closet in the fourth bedroom and since there is already a full bath on the floor they will have a guest suite for the wife’s dad.  And by paying less than they budgeted for the home, they now can afford a kitchen re-do.  They’re also researching how to move a barn — an old one they plan to restore — onto their property.  They’ll soon have that home they dreamed about. All in a Day’s Work: Solving Real-Life, Real Estate Problems for our Clients is a monthly feature brought to you by Marie Presti of the Presti Realty Group of Realty Executives. Our agents specialize in luxury homes, rehabilitations, multi-families and condominiums in urban, suburban and exurban areas throughout the Greater Boston area. Marie Presti is a Certified Negotiation Expert. For more information, visit