Marie Presti's Upcoming Classes and Presentations (2018)



Downsizing Made Easy

This Newton Community Education presentation by Newton Realtor Marie Presti will provide tips on scaling down possessions. Attendees will also learn about housing options, the process and the financial considerations of downsizing -- or right sizing-- as The Presti Group calls it. The class is designed to help participants make an informed decision about one of life's biggest events. Ms. Presti, Greater Boston Realtor of the Year (2017), has taught more than 100 courses through NCE since 2006. 

Tuesday, Nov. 13, 6-9 p.m., Newton North High School. To register, visit Newton Community Education.



What students say about Marie's presentations:


"The course on first-time home buying was exactly what I needed to get my bearings on what feels like an overwhelming process. Fantastic!" M.E., Cambridge

"The becoming a Realtor class was wonderful and extremely informative. It really showcased a day in the life of a real estate person."  M.B., Greater Boston

"Marie's tips and advice for becoming a successful real estate agent were extremely helpful."  K.M., Everett

"Marie's class was a great information session for anyone over 50 who is  wondering what it means to downsize."  Nicholas, Wellesley

"The first-time homebuyer's class is an entertaining and informative introduction to the world of home-buying!"  Nathaniel L., Greater Boston

"Marie seriously knows her stuff, and she is clear believer in helping her clients." Lindsay C., Greater Boston

"Marie leads an information-packed class. It builds a foundation and has you wanting to come back and dive deeper into the world of rental properties."  S.G., Greater Boston

"Marie and her co-presenters were exceptional in their fields and made themselves accessible but not in a pushy way, which makes me more inclined to reach out to them as I start my home buying process. Thanks to Marie for getting my wheels turning with all the great info!"  Kara T., Greater Boston